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second verse, 2019


Stoneware, dc motors, acrylic, brass, wood


Second verse is my latest work that evolved from my fascination for ceramics and its secrets, in this case its acoustics. The hidden characteristics of this material are really mesmerizing, they capture and surprise.


Second verse is inspired by first rhythm and also a kinetic sound installation based on the acoustics of ceramics. Second verse is focused on becoming part of an environment, or maybe even defining an environment. In this project I concluded that there is a close connection between the definition of beauty and the definition of poetry. Poetry is striving for beauty through words, using a rhythm. I am striving for beauty in a physical way, which made me think of poetry in a physical way.


I want people to see, be in a moment and experience.


Second verse is an installation that will differ in composition depending on the space the installation will be in, this way the installation becomes part of a space and will have a bigger impact on how the viewer will experience the installation. The installation consists of stoneware shapes of four different sizes that are driven by dc motors. These motors a connected to a pin on which a little wooden piece is connected, this piece of wood touches the edge of the stone ware shapes, which results in a sound. All shapes have a different program wich allows me to make a composition of sound.


second verse, Exposure 2019

first rhythm, 2019


Earthenware, porcelain, steel, motors, wood


First rhythm consists of earthenware and porcelain shapes. Per group of two or three shapes a motor is connected, these motors are constantly turning, but because of the deforming of the shapes in the kiln, they will touch at a specific moment.






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first rhythm, Exposure 2019